Friday, March 03, 2006

Women Sex Abusers Face Double Standards

In courtrooms nationwide this month, at least seven women — four of them teachers — have been charged or sentenced for having sex with boys, mostly teenagers. One of the women is pregnant. Read full article

Just last week, I was discussing this very topic with an individual. He believed that women who sexually abuse, were far and few between. He is wrong.

This is a highly emotional topic. compiled a list of women who have been accused or convicted of having illegal sexual activity with children. I remain shocked and angered by this disturbing imformation. Yet there are a greater number more cases then this, that don’t even see the light of day. There should be a cause for concern here. It would appear that there are some double standards being played by the judicial system.

The sentences that women receive for sexual crimes, are no where in line with those that a male would receive.

Rose DesRochers

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