Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rose DesRochers Thoughts - Fair Use of Copyrighted News Materials

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding posting articles on ones website or in there full entirety. Some consider it to be . Posting the first paragraph, first few sentences, or a quote from the article is considered to be fair use. Posting the full without permission from the source, is actually in fact a violation. If you’re posting full , you may be opening yourself to a copyright infringement lawsuit. The chances of being sued are most likely pretty slim, by why take that risk. Respect copyright on the web. Link to the article, but don't reprint the article in it's full entirety without written permission.

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Rose DesRochers


Darin said...

hello sweet rose..
I just visit your blog now...
thank you for your sugestions to my blog..
it's a nice blog..
I do blog not to post a "copy paste" article from other resources. better we write our own article (even I have an english barrier). If we must post full articles from others, we must have permission and also write the author and link to the original article on the web

Dear AL said...

If someone steals one letter from my blog I'll sue! No one messes with al and expect to still have money in their pockets!

Lord Matt said...

Any blogger that posts an article or snippet wothout beiing able to provide equall ammounts of text as commentry is not interesting enough to read in the first place.

Even a a post that looks like this:

"this is a quote..." this is what I think.

Is better than a copy n paste. The worst thing is when you find a great article and realsie it's copied but you want to quote it - you can spend hours finding the orginal.

It can loose you readers (possibly a far more fearsome threat to some bloggers).

I must admit though my early blogs were in danger of that gray area a lot. It made for a dull blog though.