Friday, March 17, 2006

Self-Publishing and the Desire to be a Published Author

Trust Me, I'm a traditional publisher.

The word "publish" is defined as "put into print." Furthermore, publishing is the activity of putting information into the public arena.

The word "Author" is defined as the writer of a book or article.

What is your definition of published author?

Since when does being published only refer to books?

I'm rambling; I'll cut right to the chase. I recently read a comment on an unmentionable blog that has sent me on a researching frenzy.

Are you interested in finding out what my research revealed?

Then, read more!

Rose DesRochers


Peri said...

I have never even considered self-publishing. I guess I never realized that I could. What's the harm in doing it? No one has to read who doesn't want to. It sounds like a great way to get some feedback and hone your writing skills.

Rose DesRochers said...

Hi Peri, thank you for dropping in. There are a great number of self-publishing success stories. A friend of mine has had wonderful success with her self published novel. There is a lot that goes into self-publishing and it's not as easy as it looks.