Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Why wait for New Years to make a resolution? New Years resolutions are about setting goals. Each year we promise that we will stick to something and each time we fail. So, why make a New Year’s resolution? It is important to set goals. But remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. Success comes from persistence. Don't wait until New Years to get motivated. Do away with the with the New Year's resolution. Nothing is stopping you from making resolutions anytime during the year. Success can be on your side when you take daily steps to reach your goals.

Happy New Year

Rose DesRochers

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Taking Advice to Heart

I'm enjoying my vacation. I've gotten to spend some valuable time with the children and with Shawn. I really need to work on relaxing and winding down. I have let so much pile up. It has stressed me to the point that I was no longer enjoying my online time. I needed the vacation. However, I regret logging on to the computer yesterday and today. Sometimes I feel like a celebrity for once again I made the cover of the Gossip Magazine. As soon as my fingers touched the keyboard, I was defending myself and why? Why did I bother replying? was built around a hobby,interest and passion for writing. Making it a community takes hard work and dedication. Within the Community, I have the opinion of 664 members. They understand me and I appreciate them for that.

In the blog that I replied to, I only have the opinion of one person and that opinion doesn't even come from someone that knows me on a personal or professional level.

If you could offer one piece of advice to yourself what would it be?

The advice that I would give myself would be, "Rose everyone comes into life with a purpose. You know your purpose. You spend far too much time proving your worth to others. Stop, those who have gotten to know you and respect your talents already support you. Keep the faith in yourself and your community. You are doing your best and for those who appreciate you, that is good enough. Now log off the computer and enjoy the rest of your vacation."

Would you look at that, it's clear that I have actually been listening to my members all along.

Rose DesRochers

Money Can't Buy Love

I was motivated to write this because someone recently insulted me. A few weeks later, he showed up at our door with a Christmas poinsettia and a gift for my son. I couldn’t accept these gifts. All I wanted was an apology. I just wanted him to acknowledge that I was very hurt by his words. I wanted him to know that he couldn’t purchase forgiveness with a gift.

The situation reminded me of a woman who has gone through life thinking that she can buy love and affection. She manipulates everyone around her. What does it mean when a price tag has been set on your own life? Her entire exist is measured by what she can purchase. I can't make sense of it all anymore.

They say absence in ones life makes the heart fonder. In this case, she is asserting her authority with her credit cards because she feels guilty and is trying to make up for the absence by buying love.

“Love is a gift. You can't buy it, you can't find it, someone has to give it to you. Learn to be receptive of that gift.” --Kurt Langner

I realized that the more I think about forgiveness, love and respect the more complex it seems. I have spent too many years trying to please her. This woman is far too judgmental.

The value of her life is measured by what makes her look good. Holidays are about being with family and friends but in her eyes it is about the perfect gift and the perfect meal that makes up for the absence that she has in her family’s life during the entire year.

Some of the most valuable lessons you learn in life are lessons like these. Love, forgiveness, kindness, and respect for others cannot be bought in stores.

Love is not abuse.

Rose DesRochers

Monday, December 26, 2005

Cranium's Award-Winning Games

If you are looking for a fun game to add to your board game collection, I highly recommend Cranium. This game is definitely worth the purchase. My children received this game as a Christmas present and we played it as a family on Christmas Eve. I personally like the singing parts, and the acting parts. It was so much fun to watch my daughter act out karaoke bar and watch my husband act out back seat driver. Of course we all tried to avoid the word-worm card. My son hated spelling those words backwards as much as I hated drawing with my eyes closed. We all learned that my son is a terrible hummer. This was a game that challenges us but had us all laughing. No matter what your talent is, you will love this game as it incorporates drawing, singing, Trivia and spelling. Purchase Cranium today and then grab your family for hours of outrageous fun.

Rose DesRochers

From &

Editorial Review

Spell a word backwards, hum a tune, answer a multiple-choice question, draw with your eyes closed, and more when you play Cranium. Unlike games that focus on only a few skills, Cranium offers 14 talent-tapping activities designed to bring out the best in you and your friends. Cards from four decks, color-coded to match each of the crazy characters--Star Performer, Creative Cat, Data Head, and Word Worm--describe activities that teams must complete in order to advance around the board. If you choose a Sculptorades card from the Creative Cat deck, for example, you might be asked to sculpt a hamburger from lemon-scented Cranium Clay while your teammates try to guess what you're creating.

To win the game, teams have to make it to Cranium Central--the large purple brain in the center of the board--and then successfully complete one activity from each of the four decks. The result is that the team with the best combination of abilities comes out on top. With its wonderfully diverse set of activities and top-notch design (artwork by illustrator Gary Baseman decorates the colorful board and decks of cards), Cranium offers the best of all board game experiences--and it's a whole lot of fun, too! (For 4 or more players)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Can't Imagine Life Without Him.

Rose and Shawn DesRochers

Statistics show as nearly 60% of teenage marriages fail within the first five years. It's difficult to tell a teen that their love isn't going to last. For a lucky few their marriages stand the test of time.

Shawn and I were young when we married. Our faith in each other and our commitment to our marriage has been strong enough to survive the hand that life has dealt us. We have had our struggles and after 17 years of marriage, my husband and I are more in love than ever.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Another one bites the dust

I swear I get the strangest IM's ever or maybe I’m the strange one. My moderator Penny suggested that I write a booklet on how to handle mashers, wolves, idiots and basic jerks who IM me, hoping to get a rise out of me.

Perhaps that is something that I could do. I wonder if a book regarding men and the internet would go over well. What about permission, you know copyright issues. Would I need to go to the loser and say, might I make a fortune out of your stupidity.

Anyhow, here is one conversation from November.

torontomale4fun: Hi there, do you like to dress sexy when you go shopping?
Rose: Hi There, no I like to dress as a man when I go shopping.
torontomale4fun: lmao
torontomale4fun: so what do you wear?
Rose: An old lumber jacket, jeans and wearing a baseball cap—along with a couple days beard growth.
Rose: I'm a truly ugly woman who enjoys dressing like a man.
Rose: Maybe my crossdressing is me trying to get in touch with my masculine side or perhaps I have been hit on by so many male egotistical pigs I wanted to know what it would be like to dress as one when I went shopping. In any event my children and husband suport my crossdressing. How did you know that I like to dress as a hot sexy male when I go shopping?
Rose: Hello torontomale4fun are you there? oh my is a cross dressing male not what you had in plan for fun? Oh no where did you go?
Rose: Eek, I think that he blocked me. Another jerk bites the dust. News at 5.

Ta Ta For Now

Rose DesRochers

Friday, December 16, 2005

Random Acts of kindness

As an incentive motivator at my son’s school, when students get perfect on their weekly spelling test, they receive points. The points can later be used as cash.

Yesterday my son came home from school and handed me this little guy.

I just started crying and gave him a big hug.

There is no limit to how we touch people’s lives. My son touched mine with the surprise of my new bear. Now each time that I look at him sitting on my computer tower, I’ll think of my son’s random generosity. My son sets a fine example for everyone to follow, as he puts others before himself.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"

Today I will commit a random act of kindness, will you?

Rose DesRochers

Monday, December 12, 2005

Busy as Bees

I'm going to be very busy, the next week or two. Shawn and I are going to take a few days off. I want to take the kids skating and tobogganing. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday.

We really need to get those outdoor lights up. We were going to do it today but Shawn’s Aunt and Uncle stopped in for coffee. So I'll have to add that to our to-do list. Everyone knows the stress from last-minute shopping, and every year I say, “I’m going to finish my shopping early this year” and every year I wait until the last minute. So Tuesday it is off to the stores. I’m dreading it but I only have half of the children’s list left to pick up.

Well I better get my Today’s Woman newsletter out. High Ho High Ho. Yup, it's back to work I go!!!

Rose DesRochers

Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Pageant

Tonight, the church had their Christmas pageant performance of Candy Cane Lane. I've never enjoyed a Christmas program as much as this one. My proudest moment came towards the end of the pageant, when my son had his moment to shine. My son was playing the role of a train conductor named Casey. He sang the song, “You Gotta Grow.” I thought the children all did a great job and all in all, “The Christmas pageant” was an enjoyable evening. He has two more performances on Sunday. It is so hard to believe that another year is almost over. I will probably post some pictures of the tree tomorrow.

Rose DesRochers

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Grinch Steals Christmas!!

Christmas, is normally the season of joy. The city gets brighter, with outside lights and Christmas displays. But the mood in the Quinte area is one of disappointment and for good reasons. The Grinch is stealing our holiday spirit. A number of outside Christmas ornaments are being taken from displays. It’s really sad that some thief would do this at Christmas time. I'm sure that this is all some prank, but the residents of Quinte are not laughing.

Friday, December 02, 2005

As The Years Pass By

Today was a tough day for me, because it's the anniversary of my Mother's death. Today marks four years since my mother passed away, but today also marks 17 years that my husband and I have been together. Though I mourn and grieve my Mother’s absence, I celebrate the love of my husband. I thank him for his understanding, affection, and moral support; and above all for loving me. Love is hard to find and I believe once you find it, it is worth keeping.

Rose DesRochers

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Never Can Say Goodbye

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Mother's death. I watched the battle that my Mother went through, trying to live one day to the next. In the end it left her wishing for death, but she held on for me. They say that time is the healer. I have come to terms with the reality of her death. I think I'm able to accept the changes. But, I'm not able to say, goodbye Mom. My Mother's death has affected me a great deal. I know that few people can understand my grief. On the 4th year of her anniversary, I can honestly say that I'm able to cope. But I don't think my pain of loosing her or the grief will ever fade.

Rose DesRochers

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Surgeon Shortage

There is a shortage of orthopedic surgeons in Canada, according to an article that appeared in the Toronto Star. There is a year wait, just to see the surgeon. This isn’t good, especially when you can’t sleep at night because of the pain. I have already been on the waiting list six months to see an orthopedic surgeon. The medication helps the pain for now, but there may be long-term consequences and side-effects from the drug. With a Critical shortage of orthopedic services in Ontario, I guess there isn’t much I can do but play the waiting game, and a painful game it is.

Rose DesRochers

You Have To Start Somewhere!

Well, you must admit it; it's always nice to see your name in print, even if it is with your local paper.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Hello! Typo Queen Here

Talk about typos! I just sent out my Today's Woman Writing Community newsletter and I wrote, "We hope you'll find the information provided within Today's Woman useful and we home that you will benefit from what we have shared with you." Home, that should of been hope. That is what I get for not proofreading before send. Well at least I caught it before someone told me about it and I can laugh at my self.

Rose DesRochers

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anonymous Coward

"Anonymous Coward,” if you own a blog, you most likely know the definition of this term. Everyone deals with anonymous comments left in their blog. However anonymous comments left in the form of an attack, are seen as nothing more than a cowardly act. I use my real name in all correspondence, and make no attempt to hide behind anonymity. If you have an opinion to leave in my blog, I ask you to leave your name and web url. If you don't leave your name and address, I’m going to assume that you have nothing of intelligence to add to any of my posts. Therefore, I’m only going to trash your comment. I have no time for the anonymous coward. We all have freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes responsibility. Freedom of speech was intended for far nobler purposes than defending some anonymous posters disruptive behavior. The fact that they must hide their opinion behind anonymity doesn’t say much for their character. That is just my opinion.

Rose DesRochers

Friday, November 25, 2005

I’m a Responsible Adult

Responsibility is suppose to come with age. However what we have is a society of irresponsible adults who blame others for all the unwanted results is their life. There is nothing like watching a good old adult tantrum. Age is an irrelevant factor in the ability to be responsible.

Sadly today’s child is the victim of these irresponsible adults. It is true that children watch their parents, and other adults, for clues on how to behave. You start being an adult when you decide to take responsibility for your life and if you can't take responsibilty for your life as an adult, what kind of message are you sending to the eyes watching you.

Think of children as young adults in training. As parents we mold them into responsible adults. We begin to teach our children to become responsible at an early age.

It just really saddens me to see some parent's so blind. Unfortunately, many parents nolonger take responsibility for their children. Parents have lost full control over their children and part of that falls on the fact they are not responsible adults themselves.

We all have a responsibility. We as adults choose our behavior, we choose our consequences.

The best way to encourage our children to become responsible is be responsible adults ourselves.

Stepping off my soap box now. LOL

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wee Willie Warmer

Our strange and wacky bra news has taken a turn for the stranger. Over in the forums of the Today’s Woman Writing
we are discussing what to get your significant other this Christmas.

So here we have it. The perfect gift to help your hunny stay warm this Winter season. Wee Willie Warmers. Available in three sizes for proper fit. Should you not be able to knit, you can always ask your mother or grandmother to help you out. Get your patterns via Danglie Bits

Rose DesRochers

Monday, November 14, 2005

Brace Yourself Folks, We’re Going to Talk Bra

Talk about strange bra news.

November 10th Yahoo news read “A Florida woman has been arrested for padding her bra — with a stolen parrot.”

We have the new microwavable bra - Nov 9,2005 Yahoo news read “For the woman who wants to stay both warm and environmentally conscious this winter -- and isn't bothered by extra bulk under her shirt -- a lingerie maker unveiled a thick bra that can be heated in a microwave.”

Oct 8th 2005, a British woman was saved by her own "bra’. The woman was caught in the crossfire of a gang war. Her life got saved as the bullet hit the underwire of her bra, snapping it, and deflecting away from her chest and I last but not least, I read in the Associated Press that the Chinese are serious about building a better bra .One Chinese university offers a degree in bra studies.

That's your bizarre and wacky bra news for today.

Rose DesRochers

Friday, November 11, 2005

Arrogant Writers

Arrogance seems to have creped into the writing world and instead of helping people improve their writing, some writers only critique people based on grammar and spelling. In my opinion these are writers, who are nothing more than wannabe editors. They are only trying to belittle other writers to make their own writing better. Obviously it’s a power thing that makes them think that they are a professional. So I'll let them continue with the English lesson, while I laugh my way to the bank,with the cheque that I receive from my writing.

Be sure to read my latest article entitled,To Err is Human—to Rewrite is Divine.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

It’s time to weed the garden.

I'm starting to dislike people. If I like you then count yourself lucky . You must be one of the very few good people out there. You know what they say, “Ignorant people are like weeds. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, there are always more.” Oh Well, I guess it’s time to weed my garden.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

International Library of Poetry, aka Consumer Report

The October issue of the AARP Bulletin is now online. You can read the consume report about poetry dot com written by Sid Kirchheimer at Scam
Alert...Write and Wronged


It is somewhat funny that I was misquoted in that article or quoted out of context. I accept responsibility where I may not have made my voice clear enough on the phone to Sid Kirchheimer.I guess there are worse things to rant about than being (mis)quoted by the press, I could be ranting that I wasn't quoted at all. Anyway it was an honor to have been mentioned. A very informative article, be sure to check it out.

Rose DesRochers

WAYN (Where Are You Now)

I recently received an e-mail from someone who has me in their address book, inviting me to join WAYN (Where Are You Now). WAYN is one of the many networking sites like hi5, friendster, Orkut and ringo and I swear if I get another email asking me to join any of them, I’m going to scream. But seriously, these referral networking services are becoming nothing more than inbox nuisances.

Rose DesRochers

Don't Quit- To Whom Does This Poem Belong?

Recently I wrote an article “To Whom Does This Poem Belong,” if you haven’t read it yet it can be read at < Today's Woman Writing Community >. The article is about the beautiful inspiration poem “Don’t Quit,” that a number of poets wish to take credit for writing.

Eric, one of the sources that I credit in my article sent me an email. I just thought that I would quote him. “Thanks, I read your article and liked it. No one alive today could have written that poem as it is way too
old - anyone below nintey to a hundred years old (at least) would have to be a liar. I hate people that try to take credit for what I feel is one of the most inspirational poems written. I have a copy of the poem in my house that my grandparents had long before I was born and I am fifty years old - and the copy I have also has no author on it. My guess would be that it was written at the turn of the century.”

The real author of the poem is still a mystery but as more facts are revealed about the poem, we are learning how quick poets are to take credit for something they didn't write.

Example when I removed a member for plagiarism from the Today’s Woman website she wrote , “I have never ever read this poem you speak of in my lifetime. I sat right here at my computer desk at work and composed it. Whether you choose to believe that or not, I cannot help. But, to accuse me of plagiarism without any proof whatsoever is disgusting. I would never do such a thing. But, now that you have been judge, jury and executioner of me without any due process, I would never want to be a part of TW. How completely absurd of you, Rose, how utterly absurd. This was very low.”

Low is taking a well known poem and pretending that you wrote it. Just because the author is unknown doesn’t mean that you can take credit for writing it.

Just where do some people get off?

I'll get off my soap box now.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gender Stereotypes

Stereotypes - It is because of these that most people expect certain behaviors from boys, than from girls. Remember the saying “boys don’t cry,” or how about boys shouldn’t play with dolls.

I never realized as a parent that I was putting my daughter in a gender role when I told her that she shouldn’t get her pretty dress dirty. I failed my daughter in the fact that I influenced her into the role that women must look good.

I avoided it with my son, as It's a very strong pet peeve of mine when people make certain arguments to defend the behavior of boys because "boys will be boys."

I didn’t want my son to be in that gender role. I allowed him to play with dolls and hang with the girls and told him it was ok to cry. I encouraged him to sign up for drama and told him their was nothing wrong with reading 24/7 instead of playing sports.

It was just over the last year that I have encouraged my daughter to take part in sports and tried to gear her away from the gender role, now that I have seen the effect that it has had. But now that I look back, I realize as a parent, I’m partly to blame.

We're all individuals and should not all be judged simply because of skin color, religious affiliation, gender, or age.

Rose DesRochers

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Say no to hi5

I've received several invitations from hi5, but I never signed up until today. I should have read the privacy policy before I registered.

It reads

hi5 collects personal information when you register, when you use hi5, when you visit hi5 pages or the pages of certain hi5 partners. hi5 may combine information about you that we have with information we obtain from business partners or other companies. Once you register with hi5 and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us. hi5 collects information about your transactions with us and with some of our business partners. hi5 automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser.

Basically they have spyware.

hi5 collects your Hotmail or yahoo address lists and contacts. Once you register there is an e-mail that is sent to everyone in your address book. This e-mail is sent without your permission.

The website also requests, your hotmail and yahoo password. I never gave my password, I was not that gullible. However hi5 was still able to gather my information and contact those listed in my address back.

I finally was able to delete my account, through the instructions in their help file.

Hi5 is even worse than xanga and myspace.

I encourage all parents whose children have an account on hi5 to log into hi5 and delete their children’s account.

Too much personal information is being revealed on these websites, making it a haven for sexual predators. Parents need to wake up.

I for one, am very concerned with websites like hi5 that encourage children to post their photos and personal information.

I strongly suggest that if your child uses the computer and you have not been monitoring their activity, it is time that you found out just what they are doing.

School orders students to remove blogs

I recently read in the news that a Roman Catholic high school in Sparta have ordered its students to remove personal blogs from the Internet in the name of protecting them from cyberpredators. This makes perfect sense to me and I applaud the principle for the action that he is taking. The Internet is a "Gateway" which leads the adult predator to the child.
Parents need to recognize the better need to monitor their children’s online activity,

Websites like xanga, myspace, and livejournal, make it all too easy for sexual predators of children to prey on our children.

Children are vulnerable and they don’t realize that anyone can and most likely is reading their blog entries. It is up to us as parents to educate them and monitor them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Harassment from an Author

I have been receiving a large amount of harassing unwanted e-mail from an author who claims that he is a professional writer. Today I sent him one email that requests he stop emailing me or I will report him to his ISP provider. What kind of person harasses someone to this extent? He must have a lot of time on his hands. This author’s harassing emails include the link to his book publisher. I have emailed his book publisher to make them aware that he may just be violating their toss agreement.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sexist Advertising

I find it very offensive to see women being portrayed as sex objects. Selling sex is the way to sell a product in today's society. Today I received an advertisement for a loan (grant). In the advertisement was a woman in a bikini. Someone needs to slap the media upside the head. News flash, women have more worth beyond being sex objects and a tool to sell products. With all these ads that negatively portray women, we don't have a prayer in hell for the future. Media has created the stereotypes and sexism in our culture.

What is your opinion?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Feeling worthless

Have you ever met someone who makes you feel less of a person. You know very well that you're not. But when you are around this person you lack self-confidence. I mean this person actually makes me feel worthless. Maybe it is my low self-esteem, I feel I'm allowing this person to walk all over me. I'm very proud of my accomplishments and what I have done, but I can't help feel a great deal of humiliation around this person. They just make me feel worthless.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What I've learned on

I am trying to please everyone, all of the time-which of course, is impossible to do. That reminds me of a quote.

You know, you can't please all the people all the time... and last night, all those people were at my show. -Mitch Hedberg American comedian (1968 - 2005)

More quotes at Todays-Woman Quotations Page

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Top 100 Hits From Rolling Stones to Elvis Presley

You can go to musicoutfitters , type in the year you wish to look up, and you'll have the Top 100 songs from that year. I typed in the year I was born. I thought it was pretty cool.

New Addition to Our Family

This is our latest addition to our family. Her name is Spaz. You can see that she is not so thrilled with having her photo taken. He-He

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Online Harassment: Enough! Enough!

I am currently being harassed by a couple in Iceland. I have taken all the appropriate steps to ask them to back off and just leave me alone. If I only had an erase button and could erase these two from my life. I have tried to solve this problem with them, after almost a full year they will not stop. At one point we did come to an understanding that it was all petty. But the husband of the unstable couple could not leave well enough alone and began harassing me again and posting libel statements on websites and in his blog about my husband. You can read more about this on the warning section of and see some of the screen captures and emails from the 2 disks that I have saved of his harassment.

At first the harasser was more of a nuisance than anything. I got into several debates with him on forums trying to prove myself because of the libel statements that he made and I replied to several of his emails asking him and his wife to just back off. After some time I had stopped responding to his emails but he continue to email me. After a year of abuse my husband Shawn and I decided that it was time to consider a libel suit against him and his wife, as I said; I have about 2 disks full of proof of malicious intent from them both. He has in the past contacted my members, my columnists and my link partners and told them that I’m a thief and I infringe on copyright. He even went as far as to contact my publisher to say my poems were stolen.

They both follow me around the net. If I post on a forum, his wife joins and posts on that same forum. They even emailed Tucows to let them know that I did not have my whois info listed. I had removed it because of them. Anyway they began harassing tucows. I have blocked their ip’s from my site but they are on a proxy so it does no good. Because they are in Iceland and I’m in Canada we are dealing with laws here, however that does not stop us from bringing them to court on libel charges.

The statements made about my husband and I are untrue and they have damage my reputation. Not to mention all of this has been a huge strain on my health. I have contacted their isp provider, my local police department, the police in Iceland, The US Naval Air Station in Keflavik, Iceland and a lawyer.

Everyone agrees that this is a civil case and I have enough to bring them to court. It would be nice if they would just leave us alone. It would be nice to settle the dispute before trial. Most courts don't like libel suits. The first line of defense will be for them to prove in court that the allegations they have made towards my husband and I are in
in fact true. ( This they can not do) I hope that they have taken into thought that they both will be under oath.

We have already been in contact with the proper office of the Navy that says that they will make sure that ‘the wife is complying with the court’s order.

I think this entire ordeal will be more painful for them both than they ever wanted it to be. I don’t think neither of them ever attended for it to go this far. However the husband just could not stop.

I really do not believe they are very sorry over all of this. Did they both go too far? I do believe that they did. Libel is an offensive and serious form of defamation. Sadly, this is the outcome of their libel statements.

I had actually started to feel sorry for them; I mean they have a daughter. The things that they posted about my husband and I was pretty serious.

What started out to be a squabble between two competitors has turned into this huge ordeal. I would really rather not sue them for libel but what other choice do we have. It is so sad that it has come to this.

Talk about overkill! (Don't Phunk With My Heart)

The radio station is playing the same song over and over and over again. It is pathetic. There is absolutely no balance. There use to be a time when I turned on the radio and it had a nice variety of music. I'm telling you if I have to hear the song "Don't Phunk With My Heart" one more time I'll scream. Honestly people the song sucks. There's really no escape from this song. Every station you turn on there it is "Don't phunk with my heart". How long will they keep playing this crap? Uggg

All hail the typo queen!

I am the world’s worst typist and have to proofread everything. Normally I don’t and I believe this has to be one of my many down faults. Too bad a big part of being a writer and running is typing. Some of the worst typos that I make are the ones that MS word won't even catch. One of my worst typos was today. I was commenting on a poem and instead of writing it’s, I put tits. Thank goodness that I proofread that comment. Despite what one member felt, I was not in an erotic mode today, I’m just a typo queen.

Sorry Helen I did not mean to type tits in my comment. he-he

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Busy Busy

Well sorry I have not updated my blog for a couple of days now. I've been busy like you wouldn't believe! I still will aim to update it regularly. I was looking at a bunch of websets I made a couple of years ago and it was interesting to see how much I have improved. My husband says I should redesign the sets and I can sell them on I think he has a good idea but it is finding the time to do it. There are so many things that I would love to take time for. takes up a large amount of my time, not that I’m complaining. LOL My kids have been playing around in paint shop pro. They fell totally in love with so they have been having a ball making graphics. Anyway if anyone even reads my boring blog, I’ll see you next week! ( the way I update this thing it will be next week lol)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Summer time blues

The summer is coming to an end. Soon time for my children to hit the books. It is hard to believe my oldest starts high school. It just seems like yesterday I was taking her to kindergarten. Where do the years go? You blink and your children grow up. I think the kids are beginning to get restless. My daughter is excited and at the same time nervous about starting high school. My son is nervous about going to a new school. He doesn’t like change but he never has from the time he was a little boy. But it will be a good change for him and he’ll meet some new friends.

It is so hot today. We went out and purchased another fan and I’m sitting right in front of it. It actually feels very nice on the back of my neck. Well I got the interview up on my website with the attorney. He provided a lot of useful information concerning copyright. If you are a writer you will have to check it out. Well think I’ll go now and do some more work.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oh, what a tangled blog we weave

I've been self-publishing on the web for almost 10 years now, first with a little site back on talkcity, then on various free sites like yahoo, tripod, angelfire etc and finally my own website for the last 3 years. As I look back on what began as a hobby, it is now become one of the most rewarding, yet sometimes challenging things that I have ever done. I've met so many nice people through my website and I have formed some lasting friendships. Then there are those not so nice people that you meet. But I believe that you must take the good with the bad. So now I have found something new, blogging. Will this be a past time for me or something I do every day? Well I guess we will see.