Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Summer time blues

The summer is coming to an end. Soon time for my children to hit the books. It is hard to believe my oldest starts high school. It just seems like yesterday I was taking her to kindergarten. Where do the years go? You blink and your children grow up. I think the kids are beginning to get restless. My daughter is excited and at the same time nervous about starting high school. My son is nervous about going to a new school. He doesn’t like change but he never has from the time he was a little boy. But it will be a good change for him and he’ll meet some new friends.

It is so hot today. We went out and purchased another fan and I’m sitting right in front of it. It actually feels very nice on the back of my neck. Well I got the interview up on my website with the attorney. He provided a lot of useful information concerning copyright. If you are a writer you will have to check it out. Well think I’ll go now and do some more work.

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Steve said...

Well kids grow up fast and you have 2 great kids my friend:) and yes it's been hot here too today was hot enough to boil an egg on my forehead..lol the interview with the lawyer was fantastic too you really did a great job and he provided a lot of helpful info