Sunday, August 21, 2005

Online Harassment: Enough! Enough!

I am currently being harassed by a couple in Iceland. I have taken all the appropriate steps to ask them to back off and just leave me alone. If I only had an erase button and could erase these two from my life. I have tried to solve this problem with them, after almost a full year they will not stop. At one point we did come to an understanding that it was all petty. But the husband of the unstable couple could not leave well enough alone and began harassing me again and posting libel statements on websites and in his blog about my husband. You can read more about this on the warning section of and see some of the screen captures and emails from the 2 disks that I have saved of his harassment.

At first the harasser was more of a nuisance than anything. I got into several debates with him on forums trying to prove myself because of the libel statements that he made and I replied to several of his emails asking him and his wife to just back off. After some time I had stopped responding to his emails but he continue to email me. After a year of abuse my husband Shawn and I decided that it was time to consider a libel suit against him and his wife, as I said; I have about 2 disks full of proof of malicious intent from them both. He has in the past contacted my members, my columnists and my link partners and told them that I’m a thief and I infringe on copyright. He even went as far as to contact my publisher to say my poems were stolen.

They both follow me around the net. If I post on a forum, his wife joins and posts on that same forum. They even emailed Tucows to let them know that I did not have my whois info listed. I had removed it because of them. Anyway they began harassing tucows. I have blocked their ip’s from my site but they are on a proxy so it does no good. Because they are in Iceland and I’m in Canada we are dealing with laws here, however that does not stop us from bringing them to court on libel charges.

The statements made about my husband and I are untrue and they have damage my reputation. Not to mention all of this has been a huge strain on my health. I have contacted their isp provider, my local police department, the police in Iceland, The US Naval Air Station in Keflavik, Iceland and a lawyer.

Everyone agrees that this is a civil case and I have enough to bring them to court. It would be nice if they would just leave us alone. It would be nice to settle the dispute before trial. Most courts don't like libel suits. The first line of defense will be for them to prove in court that the allegations they have made towards my husband and I are in
in fact true. ( This they can not do) I hope that they have taken into thought that they both will be under oath.

We have already been in contact with the proper office of the Navy that says that they will make sure that ‘the wife is complying with the court’s order.

I think this entire ordeal will be more painful for them both than they ever wanted it to be. I don’t think neither of them ever attended for it to go this far. However the husband just could not stop.

I really do not believe they are very sorry over all of this. Did they both go too far? I do believe that they did. Libel is an offensive and serious form of defamation. Sadly, this is the outcome of their libel statements.

I had actually started to feel sorry for them; I mean they have a daughter. The things that they posted about my husband and I was pretty serious.

What started out to be a squabble between two competitors has turned into this huge ordeal. I would really rather not sue them for libel but what other choice do we have. It is so sad that it has come to this.

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