Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Why wait for New Years to make a resolution? New Years resolutions are about setting goals. Each year we promise that we will stick to something and each time we fail. So, why make a New Year’s resolution? It is important to set goals. But remember to make your goals realistic and achievable. Success comes from persistence. Don't wait until New Years to get motivated. Do away with the with the New Year's resolution. Nothing is stopping you from making resolutions anytime during the year. Success can be on your side when you take daily steps to reach your goals.

Happy New Year

Rose DesRochers


ammiss said...

I have to agree with you Rose. Even so, I admit that I'm one of many who continue to make a New Year's resolution, perhaps because of tradition but probably more out of habit. I think next year's resolution will be like Penny's for this not have a New Year's resolution. (heehee) - Faye

Anonymous said...

This is so very true my friend a lot of people set resolutions they know they have very little chance of achieving.

So we should do away with the resolutions and just try to accomplish realistic goals and try to achive our success.