Saturday, December 17, 2005

Another one bites the dust

I swear I get the strangest IM's ever or maybe I’m the strange one. My moderator Penny suggested that I write a booklet on how to handle mashers, wolves, idiots and basic jerks who IM me, hoping to get a rise out of me.

Perhaps that is something that I could do. I wonder if a book regarding men and the internet would go over well. What about permission, you know copyright issues. Would I need to go to the loser and say, might I make a fortune out of your stupidity.

Anyhow, here is one conversation from November.

torontomale4fun: Hi there, do you like to dress sexy when you go shopping?
Rose: Hi There, no I like to dress as a man when I go shopping.
torontomale4fun: lmao
torontomale4fun: so what do you wear?
Rose: An old lumber jacket, jeans and wearing a baseball cap—along with a couple days beard growth.
Rose: I'm a truly ugly woman who enjoys dressing like a man.
Rose: Maybe my crossdressing is me trying to get in touch with my masculine side or perhaps I have been hit on by so many male egotistical pigs I wanted to know what it would be like to dress as one when I went shopping. In any event my children and husband suport my crossdressing. How did you know that I like to dress as a hot sexy male when I go shopping?
Rose: Hello torontomale4fun are you there? oh my is a cross dressing male not what you had in plan for fun? Oh no where did you go?
Rose: Eek, I think that he blocked me. Another jerk bites the dust. News at 5.

Ta Ta For Now

Rose DesRochers

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