Monday, November 14, 2005

Brace Yourself Folks, We’re Going to Talk Bra

Talk about strange bra news.

November 10th Yahoo news read “A Florida woman has been arrested for padding her bra — with a stolen parrot.”

We have the new microwavable bra - Nov 9,2005 Yahoo news read “For the woman who wants to stay both warm and environmentally conscious this winter -- and isn't bothered by extra bulk under her shirt -- a lingerie maker unveiled a thick bra that can be heated in a microwave.”

Oct 8th 2005, a British woman was saved by her own "bra’. The woman was caught in the crossfire of a gang war. Her life got saved as the bullet hit the underwire of her bra, snapping it, and deflecting away from her chest and I last but not least, I read in the Associated Press that the Chinese are serious about building a better bra .One Chinese university offers a degree in bra studies.

That's your bizarre and wacky bra news for today.

Rose DesRochers


Faye said...

Once again,Rose,Thank you for keeping us a breast of the situation..You are always up front in your bra presentations. As Always Faye

Rose DesRochers said...

Anytime, maybe I have future in bra broadcasting. he-he


Jayel said...

Makes an old lady want to go back to the days when all one did with a bra was burn it.

I look forward to more bizarre bra news.

Rose DesRochers said...

How could we forget the "bra-burners" of the 1960's? Now Jayel are you thinking of protesting?