Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wee Willie Warmer

Our strange and wacky bra news has taken a turn for the stranger. Over in the forums of the Today’s Woman Writing
we are discussing what to get your significant other this Christmas.

So here we have it. The perfect gift to help your hunny stay warm this Winter season. Wee Willie Warmers. Available in three sizes for proper fit. Should you not be able to knit, you can always ask your mother or grandmother to help you out. Get your patterns via Danglie Bits

Rose DesRochers


Anonymous said...

Well this would certainly be an interesting and don't know anyone that can knit my Mom crochets blankets but she doesn't knit.

So I guess no wee willie warmer here but still a nice gift idea for your significant other this Christmas:)

That's what makes Todays-Woman so great is the great people there with all these great entertaining ideas:)


Debra said...

I should warn you, the wee willies are boutonnière-sized. ahem... Some guys may be a bit peeved at the sizing.

There are knit and crochet versions that really can be worn. Scotsmen love them for the local faires. A bit of privacy and warmth. Warning! A warmer should be donned before getting into "The Whole Nine Yards" kilt. Okay, all kilts. Otherwise, they will have "slippage". Those patterns are at-



Or for her, a knitted thong, if one doesn't mind "fanny-floss":

All patterns have a printer-friendly version too. Have fun and keep laughing.

Debra, Keeper of the warmer patterns
I make dangliebits, like in jewelry. Ahem

Rose DesRochers said...

Thank you Debra for the warning. LOL Have fun!