Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anonymous Coward

"Anonymous Coward,” if you own a blog, you most likely know the definition of this term. Everyone deals with anonymous comments left in their blog. However anonymous comments left in the form of an attack, are seen as nothing more than a cowardly act. I use my real name in all correspondence, and make no attempt to hide behind anonymity. If you have an opinion to leave in my blog, I ask you to leave your name and web url. If you don't leave your name and address, I’m going to assume that you have nothing of intelligence to add to any of my posts. Therefore, I’m only going to trash your comment. I have no time for the anonymous coward. We all have freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes responsibility. Freedom of speech was intended for far nobler purposes than defending some anonymous posters disruptive behavior. The fact that they must hide their opinion behind anonymity doesn’t say much for their character. That is just my opinion.

Rose DesRochers


charley said...

People who leave bad comments anonymously are no different than people who as grandfather used to say back bite(talk behind your back)and as he always said (anyone who talks behind my back are talking to my ass).

Rose DesRochers said...

Well Said,Tim! :)