Friday, November 11, 2005

Arrogant Writers

Arrogance seems to have creped into the writing world and instead of helping people improve their writing, some writers only critique people based on grammar and spelling. In my opinion these are writers, who are nothing more than wannabe editors. They are only trying to belittle other writers to make their own writing better. Obviously it’s a power thing that makes them think that they are a professional. So I'll let them continue with the English lesson, while I laugh my way to the bank,with the cheque that I receive from my writing.

Be sure to read my latest article entitled,To Err is Human—to Rewrite is Divine.



Hernan said...

"There are men so arrogant who cannot praise a great man whom they admire, without representing it as a link or a path that leads them themselves." Nietzsche. Bye-bye.

Anonymous said...

This is so true, as I have heard many rants and raves and I’m not even a writer!

It seems quiet apparent to most critical writers that if you don’t have a masters in English lib, your simply mediocre, and not a true writer or author.

This is so untrue many writers and even editors disagree, even Steven King himself once quoted on the Donahue show that he couldn’t spell if his life depended on it!

That’s what copyrighters and editors are for! Not to change the authors meaning but to clean it up and make it more appealing to the public.

Now how many times have you picked up on something when reading or doing something similar that you seen somewhere else?

This goes for all aspects of writing - poetry, editorials, essays, copywriters, news columns, and even instruction manuals.

The layout, the structure, the grammar are all key points and methods used in many different ways.

Now to err is human, but to keep writing because you love it is simply true dedication.

So don’t let anyone discourage you from writing, it’s like anything you do in life- try and try again. As time progresses so do your talents and your techniques.

These practices are used in everyday life as was tying your shoes to creating a piece of art.

You only learn the techniques with testing and fine tuning your skills and techniques.

Shawn DesRochers

Ps.. Anyone feel like editing this for me! lol

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more there's so many people that critique grammar and spelling more than the poem or story itself.

They also think that if there's any errors that that makes you a bad writer.

As if they are the best writers in the world to begin with, they are just trying to belittle people.

You have talent my friend and while they are trying to break down grammar you will be writing masterpieces and cashing the money you deserve for them.

Rose DesRochers said...

And we both know that Money doesn't come from PA.That was a bad career move, but I learned from my mistake.

becky said...

I have read many books and there have been very few that I did not find an error. Anyone who thinks they are above making a mistake are only fooling themselves. In fact, I read a belittling blog about this that was written by a so called publisher and in their first line they made a mistake. So much for the pot calling the kettle black. Even in typing they teach you to work on speed first and accuracy second. If we were all perfect we would put all the editors and proofreaders out of work. becky