Friday, November 25, 2005

I’m a Responsible Adult

Responsibility is suppose to come with age. However what we have is a society of irresponsible adults who blame others for all the unwanted results is their life. There is nothing like watching a good old adult tantrum. Age is an irrelevant factor in the ability to be responsible.

Sadly today’s child is the victim of these irresponsible adults. It is true that children watch their parents, and other adults, for clues on how to behave. You start being an adult when you decide to take responsibility for your life and if you can't take responsibilty for your life as an adult, what kind of message are you sending to the eyes watching you.

Think of children as young adults in training. As parents we mold them into responsible adults. We begin to teach our children to become responsible at an early age.

It just really saddens me to see some parent's so blind. Unfortunately, many parents nolonger take responsibility for their children. Parents have lost full control over their children and part of that falls on the fact they are not responsible adults themselves.

We all have a responsibility. We as adults choose our behavior, we choose our consequences.

The best way to encourage our children to become responsible is be responsible adults ourselves.

Stepping off my soap box now. LOL


Jack said...

Yea.... i agree completely. there are a lot of adults out there who think just because they have reached a certain age they are responsible. its a shame really that no-one showed them whilst growing up what it truely is to be responsible. most likely because their parents werent responsible... but we cant really make that assumption in every case ofcourse. but in some cases it could cause a long circle that is hard to break out of. it is, as you said, mainly up to the parents to show them what responsibilty means... and how to achieve it. for just gaining a certain age in no way means that you will suddenly become this great all knowing adult.

Rose DesRochers said...

"We are each responsible for our own actions." In order to be a responsible adult, we must accept that.