Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Growing Concern Over MySpace and Cyber Predators

At “Window to my World,” I blogged about the dangers of predators and the growing concern over network sites like myspace. I invite you to check it out. Read More

Rose DesRochers


Steve said...

Hi Rose.

I read your article on MySpace, good work. Having three young daughters, knowing that the internet (or sites like Myspace) can be used to circumvent all the lengths I go to protect them from predators scares me.

On another subject, in reply to your comment, why are you worried about me?

Because of dizzy?


Rose DesRochers said...

Yes, Dizzy would be the reason. Thank you for dropping in. :)

Dear AL said...

My daughter is just 4 1/2, and my son is 2 1/2, and they're gona hate me when they get older with my over protective nature!

Not only am I gona track their every move online, I'm gona easedrop on their cell phone conversations, bug every phone in the house, the family car, their bikes, school desks, hangouts, and every thing they wear is gona have a tracking device, which I'll also have installed in their teeth when they get their first filling! I'm gona be bigger than big brother! Mhua-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Time to take my medication!

Serious, this scares me. I just hope everything I teach my kids about these nuts in the future sinks in!

DEREK said...

it really is sad, and insightful. Now I surely don't want my niece on the internet. Makes me think I surely need to be more careful at what I post as well.

JMom said...

Hi Rose, It really is scary times that we live in. I would love to be able to "trust" my daughters and give them freedom to grow, but that gray line just keeps getting narrower everyday, I'm afraid. Thanks for the linkback :-)

Oh, not to be picky, but it's Jeanette, btw :-D

Dear AL said...

I know this isn't the post for it, but happy St. Patrick's Day, Rose!

thinkoffthefat said...

Dear Rose, I had an opportunity to join MySpace but I checked out the different members and discription of their sites. It's just a site I didn't feel comfortable being associated with. It irks me that the government can know so much about an individual but fail to see the individuals that are potentially dangerous for our innocent children. Speaking of children I thought I read something somewhere about you that was sad. I don't remember the exact facts but I do remember when I saw your face, I thought to myself, I have been to her blog a couple of times and I must put her on my prayer list. God Bless you and your family.

Rose DesRochers said...

Thank you for dropping in Thinkofthefat. It was on BE regarding my daughter that died. I was commenting to sad mom, how I too lost a child.