Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ontario hikes university, college tuition fees

The Ontario government's announcement to hike college and university tuition by as much as 8 per cent this fall descended into a fiasco yesterday, as angry students shouted and jeered the end of the province's two-year fee freeze. Read More

This is insane. Many students are already struggling to afford a college degree. As tuition fee increase, more students will be unable to afford a post-secondary education due to finances. Ontario claims progress is being made to improve education, when the truth is that students are being denied their right to a high quality education.

Rose DesRochers


Bobby said...

The hikes are just about everywhere and I agree with your opinion of them. Lots of intelligent people are getting shafted because of this and others are getting discouraged, too. Your points are valid, true, and sad to know. BTW, thanks for leaving a comment in my journal - it was appreciated.....Bobby

Anonymous said...

Well I agree with you my friend I mean with tuition going up, it's going to get harder and harder for people to get their education