Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's For Dinner?

My dear daughter put that plastic fork down and step away from the stove.

Tonight for dinner, my 15 ½ year old made home made spaghetti. It would have been delicious had she drained all the water off the noodles. She also overcooked the green peppers. With that said, please pass the TUMS®.

I'm so glad to see those cooking classes at school are really paying off.


Jon said...

I like spagetti,but not sure if I would eat a 15 year old's cooking though,lol.I am not knocking your daughter or anything like that,but then again they are 15-16 year olds that cooks our food at restaurants,so maybe I would eat their cooking after all,lol.

Heck,some 15 year old's cooking may be even better than some adult's cooking.I know I have pretended before that I liked something that I ate only so I wouldn't hurt that person's feelings.

Rose DesRochers said...

You know, she has no idea that I blogged about her? Anyway, she has made spaghetti before and it’s normally good. I think last night she was in a rush. LOL As a Mom, it’s my job to tease her though.

Dear AL said...

Rose, I'm happy for you!

Soggy noodles and overcooked green peppers do it for me all the time!

Stephen Bess said...

Well, they have to start somewhere. :)

Rose DesRochers said...

Al, you're happy that I feel ill?

So true Stephen. Take her side. Trader! LOL He-he

~Deb said...

Don't feel bad. I cook with TONS of's the Italian in me....and needless to say, anyone who comes NEAR my food will automatically get heartburn from it. Hey---garlic's great for your heart...just drink lots of wine and take tums before you eat at my place!

At least your daughter will learn from her little mistakes and will probably become a really fantastic cook!

Jon said...

Actually spagetti can be hard to fix at times,sometimes a person can fix it good and the next time they don't do worth a flip!

But let's get to talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken,You have made be wanting some now,lol.

Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Well hey I am definetely a bad cook at 15 and at 26 I still so she was probably hurrying to get a delicious meal ready and I know she is a good cook like her Mom so next next the spaghetti and green peppers will be perfect:)