Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Writer's Life - The Writing Road

Wow, Ramblings of a Mad Writer has been getting lots of blog traffic. Thank you for your comments everyone; please continue to leave feedback.

I had no time for blogging yesterday. Life continues to be busy. I was this weeks featured business owner in 'Marketing Made Simple', which came out today. You can see my profile online at Valley Virtual Assists. The first contributions have been submitted to ' My Kids are Pigs' , seem them here.

Today's Woman Writing Community will be hosting a short story contest. Stay tune for details. Oh, I almost forgot; you can now add Today's Woman's Writer Warnings straight to your My Yahoo, My Google , My AOL , Blogroll , Bloglines , Pluck , Newsgator and Rojo. Today's Woman Writing Community has made it even easier for you to stay up to date on the latest writer's warnings and schemes. That's all the updates for now. I best get back to work.

Happy Shiny Blogging.

Rose DesRochers


Bob said...

Man, I am whipped after reading this. Did you take your B-12 shot?

I can' breathe!...I can' breathe!...I can' breathe!... :P

Rose DesRochers said...

Oh oh. Best breathe into this paper bag Bob. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well my friend I know things have been very busy with you, and congratulations on being featured business owner in Marketing made simple too:)

I'm very proud of you my friend and you continue to add more and more wonderful things to the TW site too:) ((HUGS))



I haven't been able to respond to your kind comment on my blog, because I was overwhelmed to the fact that a publisher looked at my blog and liked it.


Come and visit some more.


Anonymous said...

No one is more disturbed than the American people. Hey, we are suppose to be the good guys with the white hats. Apparently, that image is slipping away into no man's land of individual stupidity.
How quickly a few can tarnish the reputation of an entire nation. If I could apologize for those few people and make it better, I would do so in a minute. By the way, Rose, the image looks a little less imposing in the small size than it does on an 8 X 10. :) Bunny Boy is handsome as all hey, but the suit is getting a little tight for future use. LOL.

Rose DesRochers said...

Who are you Anonymous and what are you talking about. LOL