Sunday, February 26, 2006

Trolls Launch Gossip Magazine

The cover story of this week’s gossip magazine is titled “Thoughts and Considerations: trolls, flame wars, & cyberstalkers.” As the prepare to launch their new blog, guess who is the staring attraction. Yes, you guessed it. Me!

Everyone gets a chance in the spotlight at some point in their lives; you can all have your turn as I'm done. I never subscribed to a certain individuals issues, but I have received a number of unwanted copies to their low readership gossip magazine, which met with my garbage disposal. I dispose such hatred.

Like dogs wagging their tongue, give them the alpo and they will come running. We as adults, go on with daily lives. Wining and complaining and holding grudges are for not social want to be yups.

They might try to ignore my opinion, but it is here. I’m behind the clouded view that they have made in their mind. Words and self hatred is a powerless weapon. When you take away their weapon, which is their very small audience, they become helpless.

Tomorrow in their world, nothing will change. I’ll still be on the cover of their gossip magazine, but I’ll smile and turn a deaf ear. Why? Because, I’m able to see the purpose that it serves. I hope that my blog readership will also be able to.

The two blogs in question are fine examples of . After viewing both of these blogs, I have come to the conclusion that neither of the blogs offer a single shred of substance to the blogging community.

They are nothing more than juvenile taunts. The purpose that both of these blogs serve is the individuals desire to win over their readership. Their primary focus is on how to convince their readership to believe as they do.

Those close to me know who I am and what I’m about. Let them have their say. Whatever is good for the ratings, I guess.

It's pointless to engage in a debate with either of these individuals. In my opinion while we may have a right to say whatever we want, we should not be given the right to say it wherever we want. I believe that blogs here at should add some substance to the blog community and serve a purpose. Should you stumble upon these blogs, I encourage you not to respond. Not only do the live under a bridge, they live under a dark cloud of dark cloud of denial that seems to loom over head whenever they blog about me.

Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.

Rose DesRochers


Daniella said...


When you get attacked like that it feels horrible. It doesn't matter how much you know it's untrue, it can really hurt. I just want to right in and remind you that you are very much loved and appreciated by a large, ever-growing, group of intelligent, well educated, brilliant people!

Trolls are trolls, they exist everywhere, and they are emotionally immature and don't know how to manage their lives so they compensate by attacking other people. It's irrelevant whether they genuinely believe you did something wrong, this is not an intelligent (or emotionally stable) response to it.

Know that you are loved and appreciated and that we see who you truly are! Blessings Daniella

Rose DesRochers said...

I respect your opinion and your support. Perhaps this was not the best way to response to the issue and I welcome the feedback of my readership. I seek not only everyone’s support, but everyone’s honest and open advice. Thank you for dropping in Daniella.

Daniella said...

Hi Rose

Over the past couple of months, I have seen the wonderful and positive support you provide to fellow writers and humanitarians - I love your energy and admire your strength. I believe you to be a very sensitive, intelligent and strong woman and as such, (as I well know) you can become a target for people with less integrity and low self esteem.

I completely understand your desire to comment on the attack on your name - I have been there, and it's difficult not to. The only reason I mention to you that I think it's better not to comment is because people like that feed off the reactions they get. I believe that it's better to continue to allow your good work and integrity to speak for itself. That being said, I fully support and respect your choice in responding and standing up for your name.

Bright Blessings, Daniella

Anonymous said...

This makes me so mad because these trolls will say any type of lie, and try and manipulate people into beleiving them.

They make you out to be a bad person which is absolutely ludicrious, because I know you my friend and you are a wonderful person.

You are always there for anyone to help them, and add to that the generous and kind heart you have and it beats me how anyone can spread lies about you.

These trolls aren't humans they have no conscious or souls, and they are jealous of you so they spread lies.

I'm always here for you my friend ,and I know the true you Rose and so very proud to know you ((HUGS))


Anonymous said...

Rose, I have read many of the irresponsible, childish comments the two individuals in question have made. I am always amazed at how people who are in the wrong are always so eager to just keep trying to justify their selves and, in the process, make their selves look even more childish. I encourage you to just keep ignoring these small, little people. They are doing a good job of making even bigger fools of themselves. Like my momma always said, "If they are talking about you then they are leaving someone else alone" and " I can't think of a better subject". I truly think it has to be jealousy because not only have you got the best writing site on the internet but you have proved to be a kind, caring professional that I am glad to consider a friend. Keep up the good work on all counts and ignore the jealous idiots. They are their own worst enemies. Becky

Merriam said...

You Go Girl!!! Your words are true. People who attack and are vicious like the "trolls" you are talking about, hide behind their insecurities by attacking others who have accomplished what they have not been able to do. It is a type of cowardly behavior, by not competing honestly and working hard on their own writing communities.
Rose, you are honest and your accomplishments are many. You do not deserve what you have had to endure. I honestly would not have had the security to write my poems and grow without being a part of Todays Woman. When I am too ill to write, I miss the writing community at Todays Woman. When I am back on track for a while, it is so much fun to post poetry, read others poetry and be a part of your wonderful site. The next time the trolls get you down, remember you are respected and loved by far more people, than those who wish to try and take you down.
Thanks Rose!

Rose DesRochers said...

Daniella I know that you are absolutely right. Their attention-seeking behavior is worse than when my children use to throw temper tantrums. They only have one objective and that is to criticize me. It isn’t so much the web site but personal attacks at me. He hopes to mislead those that he thinks listens. The point is that I’m a compassionate, devoted, and caring person. I only hope that speaks for itself. Thank you for being there.

Rose DesRochers said...

How true Becky. When I ignore him that is when he launches his verbal attack. That just goes to show, what you have said.

Rose DesRochers said...

Merriam, it is my writing career and my website that is at stake. I've taken a stand; I won't be pushed around by them. I plan to see this through and when they return to the U.S, I will get justice. Thank you for being there and I'm glad that you joined TW despite all you read and saw from them.

pepita said...

Hi Rose.
Thanks for stopping by.
Horrible with those Trolls.
Always picking on everything,waiting for years sometimes...And in their minds,I wondering what they do so to say.
I must say Hurray!!! Rose for be published(it been so long so this is almost news for me.)And I know it means a lot to get the recognition and I love your poems.
And I use to say nooo not me blogging..but time changes and I actually have start blogging.
Give you the url.
A lot of hugs and luck from Pepita

Rose DesRochers said...

Pepita, it has been a long time. So nice to see you. I'll be stopping by your blog.

cparker said...

well as it seems you already know, these people are out to just make themselves feel better about their grudges, to try and justify them to people who arent really listening. and even though it must hurt, you know these guys arent worth it, because what they say isnt the truth and so is meaningless. its a false reality, it doesnt exist. the Rose they are attacking doesnt exist, you are not her. you are someone else entirely but they just cant see that.

Rose DesRochers said...

((((((((Cparker))))))))) thank you.