Saturday, February 04, 2006

Forced Abortion and Sterilization in China

While waiting to see the doctor, I was reading an article in Time magazine on the subject of force abortions in China. In an attempt to control population, China has a one child policy, which was established in 1979. This policy has now had a negative effect as women are being forced to undergo sterilizations and abortions.

In the article that I was reading, women spoke of how they were held down and doctors stuck them with needles to induce abortion. Some women were in their eighth month of pregnancy. One woman spoke of how a group of men penned her down and injected a poison filled needle into her stomach. After the baby was delivered, to insure that she was dead, they held the baby in a bucket of water that was next to the bed.

I had no idea that forced abortions were taking place in China. This is such a tragedy. It is insane and if you ask me, very, very sad and inhuman.

Rose DesRochers

Choose Life, Abortion Stops a Beating Heart


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hideous and I had no idea they did that in China either.

I mean I know China has a huge population, but forced abortions are hideous and terrible.

Forcing abortions on a mother is done by pathetic unhumans, babies are innocent and should never be taken away from their mothers especially in this manner.

It's tragic and so very sad to think about this happening.


Aurelia said...

This just BREAKS my heart!! How horrible!

My thoughts and prayers are going out to all women there!

JMom said...

That's barbaric! I had no idea they were still doing that in China either. So sad that they feel they have to go to those lengths to control their population, when there so many, more humane ways to go about it.

Rose DesRochers said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. If this wasn't sad enough, I was just reading an article on "North Korean prisons." The article stated that forced abortion and infanticide are common practices inside the prisons. Forced labor is inhumane.

Rose DesRochers