Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mother's Intuition- A Mother's Greatest Fear

They say that Mothers have an intuition and maybe they do. In 1992, I had a dream that my daughter was going to die. That night I woke to my husband screams, she had stopped breathing. That was the beginning to what would become a mother’s worst nightmare. A few weeks later she passed away during open heart surgery. The day that she died, I prayed with my heart and soul for God not to take her, but he did. Call it Mother's intuition, call it a six sense, I don’t really care what you call it, but I just had this feeling that she was going to die.

My daughter Katie was only given to me for a little while, but the love that she brought to my life will last a lifetime.

Through my children I've learned to embrace each day. So clearly in my mind, I still see my daughter’s face. In such a short time I experienced joy and sorrow. I know in my heart the lesson God was trying to teach me.

Cherish your children, never take them for granted, enjoy each day that you spend with them and most important of all tuck them in bed each night for as long as they will let you, because children grow up too quickly.

Babies don’t keep.

Rose DesRochers


Mec said...

I'm so sorry to know that you lost a child... but am also happy that desite the loss that forever changed you, you've moved on and you're living life to the fullest :)

I hope your kids will always feel your love... or if they don't feel it, at least always believe and count on it :)

JMom said...

"Babies don't keep" I love that...Thanks for sharing such an intimate and I'm sure painful memory. I admire you for having gone through that experience and remained sane. It can't have been easy, it's hard for me to just imagine it.

That is my biggest fear as a mother is to lose one of my children. We do need reminding to hug them close and often, cherish every stage that they are in (even if it is the teen-age years ;-)).