Thursday, February 23, 2006

More images of abuse at Abu Ghraib

Just last week 60 new photos and a video were released by Australian TV show about the torture in the in . This is indeed disturbing. Many websites are publishing the photographs. I will not post them in my blog as they are very disturbing. I'm just so shocked by all of this. I would love to hear your opinion.

Rose DesRochers


Stephen Bess said...

Human torture of any kind just saddens me. I did a search of the images that you mentioned and I cringed when I saw them. This world is filled with so much pain and hurt. I wish that things could be different. I find it amazing when I think about what we are capable of as human beings.

Rose DesRochers said...

It is indeed a sad world that we live in. I do not understand how any human can do this to another human being. It just shows how pathetic our rase really is. Thank you for dropping in Stephen.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely dispicable and so very tragic, I can't understand how anyone could treat another human like this it's inhumane and so so disturbing.


Rose DesRochers said...

I agree Steve.

Merriam said...

The majority of us, in the United States, are very ashamed and horrified that this happened. Please know that not all of our soldiers are like that. Many in my family have fought for our country. My husband now has a blood malignancy caused by benzine while working in munitions in Vietnam. Although benzine has been outlawed for public use since 1945, our country let the troops work with benzine unprotected. My husband said it used to be a joke, because the benzine caused them to have a drugged feeling. In Vietnam they called it "The Benzine High." Thirty to forty years later, that exposure causes a disease called "Essential Thrombocythemia." The disease is so rare, it is classified as an orphan disease, so there isn't any research being done. My husband could die a minute from now, or live a full life span. He is on a low dose of chemotherapy every day. His condition is guarded. My brother lost a leg in Vietnam as well.
It is soldiers like those at Abu Ghraib, which make the rest look bad. Most of the soldiers involved are now serving time in Federal Prisons. However, there are far too few of those higher up in command, that we feel should be punished as well. This was to wide spread in that prison, for those in higher up positions, not to have known it was going on. Once again, I am ashamed and sincerely apologize for what happened at the hands of our own soldiers.