Sunday, February 19, 2006

What's New in This Writer's Life

Good Day, but Busy. I accomplished a whole bunch of work the past couple of days and feel great. My mind is where it should be and not on annoying distractions. Distractions like that mostquito that won't leave you alone. You know the one that keeps buzzing around your head until you squish it with a huge fly swatter before it sucks you dry. Ya those are the ones. Say Bye Bye to the annoying mosquito. "wicked grin"

Where was I? Oh ya, I’ve been busy making some drastic changes to Today’s Woman. In addition to that, my husband and I have some new projects under way. Where do I find the time? Thank goodness that I’m good at multi tasking. I was just informed that I’ve been made moderator of a forum. Unbelievable!

In addition, I’ve just joined . I was very impressed with the layout of their website. I look forward to contributing articles.

Can you believe this? I’ve been accepted to contribute to “My Kids are Pigs.” I can’t wait to get started. I’m so excited that I just took a bunch of photos of my daughter’s bedroom.

Every now and then I do an online search on my name. Jody Kuchar gave me a compliment in her blog. Thank you Jody.

I received an email from Heather Jacobson founder of . Every week she features buisness owners in her newsletter that goes out to 300 + subscribers. On Tuesday she is featuring me. Thank you Heather. I'm flattered.

Smiling big- Flattery makes me happy. One of Today’s Woman contributing freelance writers was very impressed with the work that I do. He sent me a letter thanking me for being professional. Well if that doesn’t top of a great day, I don’t know what does. Thank you Ed.

Well this writer best get back to work.

I'm feeling happy and accomplished.

Rose DesRochers


ammiss said...

Congratulations, Rose! My lands, you are a busy woman! All of this recognition couldn't be given to a more deserving person. Thanks for everything you do for aspiring and established poets and writers alike.

Ed Sykes said...


Thanks for the mention. I always appreciate great work and the time to do it.

Keep it up and good things will continue to come your way.

Heather Jacobson said...

Love the mention!! Thanks!!! However, I want to know more about this "My kids are pigs"...I've got two...and another little piggie that visits every other weekend. Although, I'm not sure I really want to show their rooms. I'm just hoping they get them cleaned before my mom comes to visit...::cringe::

Anonymous said...

:) this is such wonderful news and all these accolades are so very much deserved too my friend.

I'm proud of you and so very happy for you too:) ((HUGS))


Rose DesRochers said...

Ammiss that I am. Thank you for your lovely compliment and make sure that you get some rest.

Ed, thank you for dropping in.

Heather, I sent you the link. LOL

Steve, thank you!

Dionna Sanchez said...

Rose, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, I do submit articles to LadyPens! Thanks for noticing me! I will stop by Womans-Net and take a look around.

martijn said...

Hi Rose thanks for the comment on my designs, I have registerd in invision graphics and uploaded my latest designs in your wallpaper contest page . you better still be giving me your vote ;-). Thanks for letting me know about the site.

Rose DesRochers said...

martijn you can count on that. You have talent boy.

Dionna thanks for dropping in. It's though. LOL

penny said...

As always a visit you your blog is a fun venture. Not just for the blog content and link threads but for the interesting comments that are often posted by your readers. The whole site is well done and very attractive, somehow it suits you to a T.
One word of advise my dear friend, don't look under the bed or open the closet door after the room is cleaned, believe me its normally worse than the imagination can perceive.