Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sad Upsetting News

I got some bad news today. I have been waiting six months to see a rheumatologist. I thought it was an orthopedic surgeon that I needed to see. But the nurse informed me on the phone today that it was a rheumatologist. She had faxed my referral in July to a doctor in Kingston. Today she informs me that doctor can not see me as she is going on Maternity leave. To make matters worse, the referral is no longer any good and I have to go back to the clinic on Saturday to get another referral. She mentioned sending me to Ottawa, Toronto, or Peterborough. Anyway, it is going to be another six months on a waiting list. The chronic pain has become almost unbearable and now to find out that I have to wait another six months and travel such a long way just to see a doctor is very upsetting.

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ammiss said...

Rose, I am so very sad to hear this terrible news. I remember you posting that there was a shortage of physicians in Canada, but I had no idea the problem would result in you having to wait for a year to get proper treatment. It seems very wrong to me that the rheumatologist doesn't have a back-up physician to care for her patients in her absence. Unless, of course, she is transferring the care of all her patients to far-away offices, too. It's a terrible situation, in any case, and I only hope and pray that when you go to this appointment, there will be better news and sooner relief than the nurse anticipated. *HUGS* - Faye