Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jealousy - Has Raised its Evil Head

I hate jealousy. I feel ill each time that I see it rear its ugly head.

This rant about jealousy comes from an individual who would like nothing better than to see me fail. I have no idea why, but the situation is very real indeed.

This envious person will not work towards accomplishing success. In his own twisted little perspective he believes that he is already successful. He believes that others are envying him.

Jealous people can't stand seeing others doing better than them. Some individuals really do take it to the utmost extremes.

This individual would love for his websites to be as successful as mine but he does not have the skills or no how to make that happen.

His Jealousy is a mixture between envy and his desire to be where I am.

When from the deaths of envy comes hatred, the jealous person will stop at nothing to bring down a colleague.

It's been an extremely eye-opening experience for me to see just how ugly jealousy can become. I’ve seen first hand how jealousy has developed into hateful malicious acts, abusive behavior, and false rumors.

It is not a pretty picture at all. Now with the ability for jealous people to hide behind anonymity on the internet, it enables them to go to greater lengths no matter how damaging to destroy the reputation of a company. Cowards are what they are.

Jealous people certainly don’t impress me. So while I sit back and watch the jealous person spread false rumors and makes false allegations to get him through each meaningless sad day in his life, I continue to run my business as I always have.

The last thing that I wish to do is allow myself to be brought down to a level of hatred. I am proud of my success. I have gotten here by offering others my hand, not kicking them while they are down.

Rose DesRochers


ammiss said...

Rose, I am so sorry to read that you continue to have to deal with such an irritation. Not getting enough of your attention has more likely than not raised his ire. He can not discredit that which does not belong to him, though, even as hard as he continues to try. Jealously is an evil thing. As your site continues to grow, more cut from the same cloth are sure to do the same. Think of the invaluable learning experience you are gaining from this. You will be a pro the next time jealously rears its ugly head. Hold your head high, Rose. You are a wonderful person, and all of us at TW know that.

- Faye

Rose DesRochers said...

Well I think that most writers have come to see the true nature of his ways. Such behavior as that you have witnessed is nothing new for this individual and his wife is quite the copycat blogger.

Rose DesRochers