Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shawn and Rose DesRochers launch Blog Community

My husband and I have launched Blogger Talk Blog Community. Blogger Talk is a friendly fast growing blogging portal, offering bloggers support, advice, tools, tips and information about blogs and blogging. Blogger Talk is a community that is made up of those who blog for personal pleasure and those that blog professionally. At this time we have an interactive blog forum, blogging articles, blog themes & templates, blog books and a blog directory, and blog platform reviews and blog resources. New features that we will be adding are blog tools and blog tutorials, SEO tools to check your pagerank and backlinks,RSS Button Generator, Search Engine Submission, Robots.txt Generator, Online PDF Creator, Email Encoder and HEX & RGB Color Charts, free templates, free pagerank graphics and many more features.

The Blogger Talk Mission: To assist bloggers in not only improving their blog, but their blogging experience as well. If you are a blogger, why not join It's Good to talk "Blogger Talk."

Rose DesRochers

Blogger Talk Review

A few days ago I was asked to write a review of the new blogger forum known as This might sound like I'm already selling out to the highest bidder so early in my blogging carrier by agreeing to do so but that is not true. McDonalds and Sony paid me just as much for their reviews as The truth is I am not getting paid for this (but I am still holding out for my own body weight in cheese) but is a site that I regularly use.

One of the first things you will notice when visiting the forum is the friendly atmosphere. There are a number of regulars (including the sites creators) who are always willing to share advice and make new users feel welcome. The forum has already displayed very good spam control which has helped to build its community.

However, the site is much more then just a forum. It includes an extensive blog directory (which users can add to), a download a section with useful resources and regularly published articles about all aspects of blogging. All of which is put together in an easy to navigate site.

The site is still in it infancy (at the time of writing) but it is already proving to be a useful resource for bloggers of all levels; from beginners to professionals.

- Stuart

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